Scores are emailed after each shoot to those who put their E-mail address on their scorecard. Scores will also be posted right here so check back after each shoot!


Click on one of the shoot names for the scores. They are in Excel (.xls) or PDF (.pdf) format. Please let us know if you have any problems. Thanks!

2023 Scores

February 2023 shoot reults


2018 Scores

After Season 3D Shoot 2018

Blizzard 3D Shoot 2018

March Shoot

April Shoot

May Shoot (corrected)

Sept 2018 Shoot Page 1 | Page 2

50th Prize Winners


2017 Scores


After Season 3D Shoot 2017

No-Excuse 3D Shoot 2017

Blizzard 3D Shoot 2017


2016 Scores


Easter 3D Shoot 2016

No-Excuse 3D Shoot 2016

Memorial Day Shoot 2016

Blizzard 3D Shoot 2016

Season Warm Up 3D Shoot 2016



2015 Scores


Easter 3D Shoot 2015

No-Excuse 3D Shoot 2015 (see prize winners below)

After Season Shoot 2015

Blizzard 3D Shoot 2015